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For reasons of confusion, the following characters are not included in the generated passwords:
0 the number zero 1 the number one I capital I like Italy
l small L as low Y, y large Y, small y Z, z large Z, small z

Information about secure passwords

  • What is a secure password? Open or Close

    A secure password consists of a hard to guess, random string of characters.

    Your password should contain characters of all types, e.g. upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters. Make sure your chosen password incorporates no information that can be bound to you.

    Passwords generated by these rules a typically hard to remember. But they feature a much stronger security.

    If you do not need such a high class of security, consider replacing a few characters by similar looking special characters or numbers. Try words like: /p4S$w0r1337t#.


    Be creative when choosing a password!

  • What is an insecure password? Open or Close

    When trying to get unauthorized access to your Data, the attacker often uses the simplest way: they just guess. This method is called: brute force. Whilst it is a simple way of hacking a password, it is a really slow one, too. To speed things up, the attacker normally starts with the words you can find in a dictionary.

    Never use a word you can find in a dictionary.

    Also be aware of a thing called “social hacking”. Social hacking involves investigating your background, including names, anniversaries, etc. of your family, friends, pets. Do not use these information either in your passwords, as they are easily found on facebook.

  • Why use a secure password? Open or Close

    Passwords like "password", "123456", "baseball" or "welcome" are widely used across the internet. But these are easily discovered by a dictionary attack. One of these was yours? You better change it immediately.

    Anyone in the knowledge of your username and password is able to read your mails, Facebook messages, …

    Protect your personal data! Use a secure password!

  • Our password generator Open or Close

    You can use our password generator to form a random password.

    To provide you the best possible security, the password is generated on your machine and neither is stored or transferred over the internet. Just choose your desired strength and click “generate!”.

    The password appears in the box on top of this page. You don’t like it? Just hit “generate!” again until it fits your needs.

    Our passwords are randomly generated and guarantee best security possible if you change your password frequently.

  • How to remember a password? Open or Close

    You picked such an easy password like the name of your daughter because you fear not to remember it?

    You could leave the password field blank, it’s not secure at all.

    Pick a sentence, proverb or passage of your favorite band and grab the first letter of each word and the punctuation. E.g. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”

    Combine all together for your new password: “Tqbfjotld”

    Just add some numbers, alter the case of some of the characters, maybe a few extra special characters.

  • Security tips Open or Close

    Achieve a better security with these tips:

    • Choose a random password! No real names, no real words
    • Use as many different characters as possible (uppercase, lowercase, special characters, numbers)
    • Get a new password on a regular basis
    • Never store your password unencrypted on your hard drive
    • Tell no one!